Brought to you by award-winning boutique publishers COSA Media, h magazine, in partnership with Fedhasa (Federated Hospitality Association of Southern Africa), has its Africanesque lens focused on all things hospitality in Africa and the Indian Ocean islands.

The bi-monthly magazine is the perfect platform for specialist providers to showcase their wares. Not just in print, but face-to-face at events, in video through our specialist TV studio and, of course, through expertly written in-depth articles – we are reaching our continent-wide audience in both digital and print format.

We work closely with our partner Fedhasa to deliver a high-quality product, which is unpacked and demonstrated in an unbiased way for the hospitality professional.
h magazine has the look and feel of a consumer title as an award-winning team with singular purpose undertakes the high-end print and design. The content is focused on the trade, the property owners and managers, the chefs, front of office and marketing folk tasked with keeping the tills ticking over.

Our experience has proven that a quality print title has a shelf life long after the sell-by date, many times finding its way onto coffee tables and bookcases to be perused over again, used as reference and for research for buying.

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